Microsoft Access 2007 Introduction

Learn the key features and functions of Access 2007

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Microsoft Access 2007 Introduction

Course Description

This course covers the key features and functions of Access 2007. Students will learn how to create databases and all the key aspects of the three main objects used in Microsoft Access: tables, queries, forms, and reports. This title was recorded some eight years ago, a fact which is reflected in the pricing. If you are still using Access 2007 and not planning to upgrade in the near future, we think you will find it useful.


Getting Started
  1. Using the Getting Started Screen
  2. Opening an Existing or Recently Used Database
  3. Exploring the Microsoft Office Button
  4. Using and Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
  5. Understanding the Ribbon
  6. Using the Navigation Pane and Shutter Bar to Display and Manage Database Objects
  7. Closing a Database and Exiting Access
  8. Using the Access Help Window
  9. Searching for a Topic in Access Help
  10. Creating a PDF
Trust Settings
  1. Temporarily Enabling a Database that is not Trusted
  2. Viewing and Onderstanding the Trust Center
  3. Defining Trusted Locations
Creating Databases
  1. Beginning a New Database
  2. Creating a New Database Based on an Existing Database
  3. Create a Database From a Template
  4. Finding Database Templates Online
Working with Tables
  • Creating a table in Design view
  • Creating a table by typing
  • Creating a table using a Table template
  • Adding fields to a table from the Field Template task pane
  • Assigning a Primary key
  • Assigning a Primary key to more than one field
  • Inserting and deleting a field
  • Navigating a table
Working with Data
  1. Finding data in a table
  2. Replacing data in a table
  3. Entering data using AutoCorrect
  4. Adding your own AutoCorrect values
  5. Using spell check
  6. Hiding and unhiding columns
  7. Freezing and unfreezing columns
  8. Renaming a field
  9. Copying a field
  10. Filtering records by fields
  11. Filtering records by form
  1. Creating a simple form
  2. Working in Layout view
  3. Creating a form using the Form wizard
  4. Creating a form from scratch
  5. Adding a field to a form
  6. Working in Design view
  7. Using a form to add, modify, and delete records
  8. Displaying a form and its Data Sheet simultaneously
  1. Creating a Detail query
  2. Creating a Summary query
  3. Creating a query in Design view
  4. Creating a Multiple Table query
  5. Adding criteria to a query
  6. Using logical operators in queries
  7. Sorting query results
  8. Finding the top values in a query
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