Photoshop CS3 Introduction

An in-depth course for anyone still using Photoshop CS3

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Photoshop CS3 Introduction

Course Description

This course will give you a good understanding of all the essential Photoshop concepts, tools and techniques. It is ideal both for new Photoshop users and self taught or occasional users who wish to consolidate their knowledge of the program and learn useful tips. However, it only covers Photoshop CS3.


Getting Started
  1. Using the Tools palette
  2. Changing palette locations
  3. Working with palettes and docks
  4. Choosing & saving a workspace
  5. Creating new images
  6. Changing the canvas size
  7. Opening files
  8. Opening files via Adobe Bridge
  9. Importing from a digital camera
  10. Importing from a scanner
  11. Importing image sequences
  12. Importing a video file
  13. Importing video to layers
  14. Placing files
Viewing and Visual Aids
  1. Choosing a Screen Mode
  2. Using the Navigator Palette
  3. Using the Zoom Tools
  4. Viewing Multiple Windows
  5. Using the Hand Tool
  6. Using the Info Palette
  7. Using Rulers
Making Selections
  1. Making marquee selections
  2. Transforming marquee selections
  3. Stepping backward and forward
  4. Selecting with the Lasso tool
  5. Using the Polygonal Lasso tool
  6. Using the Magnetic Lasso tool
  7. Using the Quick Selection tool
  8. Using the Magic Wand tool
  9. Expanding and contracting selections
  10. Inverting selections
  11. Softening the edges of selections
Working with Layers
  1. Creating a new layer
  2. Changing the layer order
  3. Grouping layers
  4. Changing a layer's opacity
  5. Merging layers
  6. Duplicating layers
  7. Adding an image as a layer
  8. Linking layers together
  9. Locking layers
  10. Setting the blend mode
  11. Adding a layer style
  12. Adding an adjustment layer
  13. Flattening an image
Image Manipulation and Retouching
  1. Straightening photos
  2. Adjusting perspective
  3. Removing red eye
  4. Patching areas
  5. Retouching with the Clone Stamp tool
  6. Using the Healing Brush tools
  7. Dodging & burning areas
  8. Using the Sponge tool
  9. Adjusting the color balance
  10. Converting to black & white
Using Photoshop Filters
  1. Using filters
  2. Using the filter gallery
  3. Introducing Smart Filters
  4. Applying a Gaussian Blur
  5. Using Smart Sharpen
  6. Using an Unsharp Mask
  7. Adding lighting effects
Painting, Drawing and Text
  1. Setting the foreground & background color
  2. Using the Eyedropper tool
  3. Using the Brush tool
  4. Drawing with the Pencil tool
  5. Using the Paint Bucket tool
  6. Using the History Brush
  7. Using the Art History Brush
  8. Creating shapes using shape layers
  9. Drawing paths with the Pen tool
  10. Editing paths with the Direction Selection tool
  11. Drawing shapes with the Freeform Pen tool
  12. Adding text
  13. Adding text on a path
Saving and Exporting
  1. Saving Photoshop files
  2. Saving files in the TIFF format
  3. Saving for the Web
  4. Exporting layers to files
  5. Exporting to Zoomify
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